We are a Motion graphic design, 3D Art & Vidography Studio based in Sussex.

We're a small, friendly team offering visual content for online and social media marketing campaigns. Our videos and 3D VFX engage and interest potential customers, helping boost business for our clients.

Michael Seager

Mike creates stunning films using live-action footage & visual effects that have a multitude of uses in marketing campaigns & feature films. His love of all things cinema sparked his passion for this type of work, and he now enjoys figuring out the best way to use visual effects to help tell your story.

Motion Graphic Designer | 3D Artist | Videographer


Charlotte Seager

Charlotte's OCD and organisational skills are put to good use as a producer for Studio Seager - planning, coordinating and supervising all elements of film production. She also provides written content where needed.

Producer & Writer


Studio Seager

Our most recent addition to the team, Julie assists with answering client enquiries, researching information required for projects and organising the day-to-day running of the studio. 

Assistant Producer & P.A.


Studio Seager

Guardian of Studio Seager, Luna mostly just sleeps all day. But she's very good at boosting morale! She also provides an interesting perspective when a dog's point of view is required.

Pawducer & Dog-Cam Operator


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