• Charlotte Seager

5 Dilemmas Dog Owners Face

Owning a dog is great. It’s fantastic. The best friend you’ll ever have. They are there for you at the end of every day, they’ll never let slip any of your secrets, and never do they judge. But the relationship you share can be looked upon by outsiders (non-dog owners) as, how shall I put it, erm… unhealthy.

These people do judge. We’ve all received those stares or comments from these canine averse creatures when we’re doting over our little doggies. But where do we draw the line in showing our affection to our furry friends? When are these people right, when should we maybe dial it down a smidge? These are some of the particular dilemmas I face, please let me know that I’m not alone…

1. Puppy Party Pooper

It’s Luna’s birthday today (woo, she’s 5!) but do I make a big deal out of it? Those with children condemn us but whatever they say, our pups are our babies. And what’s wrong with spoiling the one creature in the world who is never mad at you, always happy to see you and is always up for a cuddle? Ok, so I’m not going to bake her a cake, although there’s nothing wrong with that, but having a little party with her doggy friends isn’t too strange is it? I know that there won’t be any leftover food anyway, this girl can eat sausage rolls for England.

2. Who’s Mummy’s Little Girl!

Anyone else refer to themselves as Mummy/Daddy to their pup? It’s fine when you are at home but in public, you can attract some strange looks. Shouting “Get Daddy!” across a field at the spaniel usually provokes a few raised eyebrows, especially from nearby parents of human children. But we are the ones who feed them, bathe them and clothe them (she loves her Newquay hoodie!), so what else are we going to call ourselves?

3. Kisses – yay or nay?

Some find it revolting, others find it comforting. Maybe it’s both, but sharing the love through wet, slobbery licks is what Luna does best. I know, I know, it’s not the most hygienic thing, but it’s nice to be adored and most of the time I can’t stop these kissing assaults anyway!

4. Please sir, can I have some more?

I know we shouldn’t do it, but seriously, who can say no to those eyes? It’s unbearable like she hasn’t been fed in days! Begging isn’t a good thing, but she’s so very good at it. Besides, an odd bit of food off the plate doesn’t hurt anyone, does it?

5. Down Girl!

The furniture in our house is as much Luna’s as it is ours. She has her own space on the sofa (even though most of the time she’s invading my space on it), and she sleeps on the bed with us. Our house, our rules. But it becomes an issue when we have guests; she doesn’t think twice about leaping onto their laps or snuggling with them on the sofa, and not everyone appreciates this. Is it time she had some limits?


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