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The Top 5 Beaches Around Eastbourne

Summertime should be spent by the sea. The feel of a cool coastal breeze revives the body, the sound of the crashing waves soothes the soul, and the taste of a freshly whipped ice cream satisfies the sweet tooth. Eastbourne’s “Sunshine Coast”, and its shoreline neighbours in East Sussex, provide these refreshing seaside experiences and more. The stunning scenery, rock pooling opportunities, and a diverse range of pursuits on offer in the town make the area a perfect summer staycation destination.

Pevensey Bay Beach

Holywell Retreat

At the foot of the South Downs is a charming little stretch of coastline minutes from Eastbourne town centre. Children can be seen with nets and buckets peering into the countless pools of water trapped on the beach at low tide, whilst dogs swim with seaweed in the bracing water and adults admire the chalky cliffs and luscious greenery above them. The fresh spring water trickling down onto the rocks (the ‘holy well’) provides welcome refreshment on hot days, as does the tea chalet located a short distance away.

Holywell Beach

Cuckmere Haven

The Cuckmere River meanders its way through the pretty Sussex countryside until it meets the English Channel just outside of Eastbourne. The path positioned alongside it is perfect for a peaceful walk or cycle, and the calm waters are ideal for the more active, with kayaking and paddle boarding common pastimes here. On reaching the beach you’ll be rewarded with a picturesque seascape laid out in front and to the East a view of the well-known Seven Sisters chalk cliffs.

Cuckmere Haven

Birling Gap

After travelling through quaint English villages and rolling Sussex downland from the direction of Cuckmere Haven, you’ll discover the enclosed beach at Birling Gap. Located just along the coast this seaside spot gives Westerly views of the Seven Sisters and just around the corner to the East is the infamous Beachy Head. Explore the fields above, or hunt for fossils below, but beware of cliff falls as this stretch of coastline is eroding at an alarming pace. Learn more about the history and archaeology of the area by visiting the National Trust Centre and café situated here.


A typical seaside resort. Pier? Check. Promenade? Check. Beach Huts? Check. Embrace the traditional character, there’s a reason that people have been flocking to Eastbourne in their masses since Victorian times! Allegedly the sunniest place in Britain, it provides all that you could want and more from a trip to the beach. Walk along the front with the glittering water on one side and a boatload of beautiful architecture on the other, visit the tea rooms on the Grade II listed pier, or just simply bask in the sunshine and enjoy an ice cream.

Eastbourne Beach

Pevensey Bay

This is the place where locals congregate on a hot summer’s day. Pevensey offers a wide expanse of pebble beach with a chilled out vibe and easy to reach amenities, without the crowds of Eastbourne town. This is the best place to really take advantage of the sea; swim, sail, jet-ski, windsurf… there’s plenty of space to pursue most types of water sports.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a bag of fish and chips and have a quintessentially British afternoon by the seaside, whilst the sun lasts!

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