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Things you HAVE to do in London

I’m a self confessed lover of the country. There’s nothing better than green fields, fresh air and the sound of twittering birds to soothe your soul. But, saying this, London is fun for the weekend. Although stuffy, overpopulated and slightly overwhelming, the city has an abundance of attractions which every now and again tempts me out of Sussex. It is full to the brim with things to do and see, and there’s something for everyone.

So fight your way through the tube crowds and mind the gap between the country and the city to enjoy London’s cultural gems…

Things to do London

Museum Musing – Interested in Science? Fashion? Art? You’ll find a museum dedicated to whatever floats your boat in the capital. For me, the V&A is fascinating and exhibits such a large collection of beautiful objects. But my favourite has to be the Charles Dickens’ museum in Doughty Street. This is the author’s former home and it combines three of my loves – architecture, history and literature. It’s presented in a way that reflects how Dickens would’ve had it during the time he produced his novels, and therefore gives an insight into a very different world to the one we know today. And the gift shop is a bookworm’s dream.

Architectural Awe – Whether you love modern or traditional, London has these and everything in between. From Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, to the Shard and the skyscrapers of the City. It is an outstanding demonstration of the history of buildings and changing styles. You could be walking past a Georgian townhouse, with a view of a recently completed glass and metal structure peering over the rooftop. The dockyards, the tube stations, the bridges. You could spend all your time in the city gazing at the incredible architecture. Or is that just me?

Musical Marvel – The West End. You have to go. I’ve seen a few musicals now; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, Wicked and most recently, An American in Paris. All were superb, but I especially liked the latter. Set in post-war Paris it’s a song and dance filled spectacle with an underlying serious tone which hints towards the recent occupation, Nazi collaboration and Jewish persecution. Immensely enjoyable. Splendid way to spend a Saturday night.

Food Glorious Food – Whatever cuisine you’re in the mood for, it won’t be more than a tube stop away. A vegan curry? Or top-notch Sunday roast? The choice is endless. And delicious.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Oyster card out and go explore the metropolitan madness that is London.

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